2020-2023 Roadmap

Our mission is to make Co-Packing more sustainable throughout its life cycle, from production and logistics to end use and disposal.

ISCC certification is reached in cooperation with our film supplier.

Main components:

PS (350 μ) / PE-EVOH-PE (50 μ)
PS (350 μ) / PE-ALU-PE (50 μ)

ISCC & PCR Certification

  • Consumables Manufacturing is ISCC PLUS mass balance certified to ensure full traceability throughout our supply chain in respect of the environment and social rights.
  • PCR (Post-consumer recycled) is achieved through chemical recycling in a mass balance process.
  • Within the ISSC PLUS system, together with our film suppliers, we decided to use PCR (post-consumer recycled) certified materials.
  • A PCR solution is best because the carbon footprint is lowered at the beginning of production.
  • Post-consumer recycled certified materials
  • Internationally recognised sustainability
  • Sustainable throughout the entire supply chain


Less is more

  • Plastic reduction by 20%
  • Disposable on plastic collection
  • Suitable for any kind of product
  • Improved easiness of opening
  • Best solution for technical/critical applications e.g. Pharmaceutical

Main components:

PS (300 μ) / PE-EVOH-PE (50 μ)
PS (300 μ) / PE-ALU-PE (50 μ)

The lightest sachet that we have ever produced

Paper sachets

  • Consumables Manufacturing will produce paper sachets
  • Totally recyclable

This sachet design is manufactured with more than 75% paper


  • In compliance with Ceflex guidelines
  • In compliance with EU Regulations for plastics
  • Strategically aligned to a circular economy

Recyclability starts with the design of the materials. This sachet design is made from a single plastic composition for easy disposal.

Eco sachets

A new green generation of sachets made from polyhydroxy acids (PHA) and polylactic acid (PLA) bioplastic

  • 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • Approved by EC’s Proposal for a Directive
    of the European Parliament and Council

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