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Features & Advantages

Smart Packaging Solution


On-the go sachets for all consumer goods’ applications, such as seasonings, condiments, drinks, spreads, and creams.


The only portion pack best recommended for use by the elderly or disabled.


Is changing the way to open packs in the food, retail, hospitality, cosmetics, chemical and medical sectors.

6 Reasons why

It's easy

Our sachets open with one hand only, without effort. They are suitable for everyone and in most situations.

It's resistant

They can be transported individually in your pocket, or handbag, or in greater quantities in dispensing packs without the risk of leakage.

It's cost effective

They have lower production costs compared to bottles, jars or thermoformed unit dose packaging, don’t disperse any residue and are more easily recyclable.

It's smart

With an ergonomic design, they are versatile and stylish, and totally customisable.

It's hygienic

They dispense the contents in a clear and accurate way, with no risk of spills or contamination of the product.

It's sustainable

With our roadmap to sustainability, our next generation of sachets will be 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Packaging Applications


Take your favourite dressing with you, have your energy boost whenever and wherever

The next standard for all on-the-go packs

Co-Packing options


* Filling volume to be defined according to product’s specific gravity

* Sachet images for illustration purposes only



40mm x 50mm

0.8 ml – 1.5 ml

40mm x 80mm

0.8 ml – 3.0 ml

55mm x 70mm

2.0 ml – 4.0 ml

60mm x 100mm

3.0 ml – 12.0 ml

66mm x 100mm

8.0 ml – 14.0 ml

80mm x 100mm

< 23 ml

Available in quantities of: 50,000 100,000 250,000 500,000 1,000,000

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